We Are No Longer in a Hurry to Buy a House

I was pretty excited about my new job in Edina. I had never even heard of this city just a few short months ago, and now I was planning on relocating my small family there permanently. This was with my wife’s blessings, I should add. We talked about looking for a house there, but we both knew that we had to get out there quickly because my new job was due to start. Rather than rush into such a huge commitment without really knowing the area, we decided instead to look at two bedroom apartments for rent in Edina.

We knew that we were going to be in Edina for the long haul, but we did not want to get saddled down with a house without knowing for sure it was the one we wanted. Once I started looking at the apartment complexes that are closest to where I work, we both knew that Cedars was it. There are just too many good things about it, and we knew that signing a one year lease might actually turn into a few more years. That is just how nice the Cedars apartment complex is.

We both really like it here, but for very different reasons. I like that there tennis courts here along with a weight training circuit. Those are two things that I am pretty passionate about as far as physical activity is concerned. My wife, on the other hand, prefers to relax over exerting energy in a tennis match. She is able to take advantage of the two heated pools here with our daughter, as well as the sauna and hot tubs. They are both in heaven with those luxuries, and I am in heaven with mine too. This is just really nice here, and now we are no longer in a hurry to find our forever home.