This is How All Apartment Complexes Should Be

The luxury apartments for Atlanta GA that are in Atlanta are some of the nicest I have seen, and I have seen a lot of different ones. I know that developers are taking notice of what apartment dwellers want in a nice home, and they are delivering too. The moment I saw The Encore when we drove by it to see what it looked like in person, I knew that I wanted to know as much as possible about it. I wanted to know the price to rent an apartment, the terms for the lease, if they accept pets, what kind of amenities are offered and so much more.

We went to the management office and explained that we were in the market for a new apartment, and we were curious if we could take a look at an apartment before we started filling out one of their rental applications. We did this for two reasons. The first reason is because we wanted to actually see an apartment. The second reason was so we could gauge the staff at The Encore. First impressions mean a lot, and if we would have been treated in a dismissive manner, we would have immediately lost interest in finding out more.

As it was though, the young woman who was on shift that day was very kind and personable. She asked us a few questions to determine which apartment to show us, and then she answered every single question we had as we took our mini tour. Needless to say, we were impressed with the complex, with their policies, their amenities and with the staff. We filled out the paperwork, and it was not long before we were given the keys to the nicest apartment that we have ever lived in. This is how all apartment complexes should be.