Needed for Security at the Pub

I looked into trade cctv because as a pub owner I have recently had two robberies along with the usual fighting amongst patrons that just makes having extra security a must. The police don’t do much other than sit around in their cars or issue cautions, and frankly I’m tired of being under the constant threat of bodily injury or being threatened with being sued because someone lost teeth in a fight after drinking too much. Hiring actual security guards isn’t an option because I don’t make that much money with the pub. Security cameras, I thought, would be perfect.

But I didn’t now anything about security cameras. There is so much to learn about them. It’s not enough to just buy the cameras and put them up. You need to know how to connect them to a recorder and you need to know how to do the wiring and attach them in pertinent places. You also need to know their field of view and place them in such a way that they cover the most area possible. I needed cameras for the interior and exterior of the building as well since many go outside to fight.

I found an excellent online seller of everything you need to set these cameras up and get them to work at maximum efficiency. They even sell kits that contain everything, and I do mean everything, that you need to get them set up quickly so you can begin recording. I’m amazed at how high technology these cameras are and how great the clarity is with them. You can get high definition footage where you can practically count the whisker on someone’s beard. I’m sure looking forward to having evidence that I’m not liable for the next fight or footage I can turn over to the police for a robbery.