I Am Definitely Not Settling Here at Overton Rise

I am kind of picky, or at least that is what my friends tell me. I really don’t see a problem with being that way though. I know what I like, and I just don’t like settling for anything less than that. Because of that, I started my search for a new home right at the top by looking at luxury apartments for Atlanta GA. I knew that I would not be happy in an apartment complex that is just average without a lot of amenities, so I did not want to waste my time looking at them.

I needed a one bedroom unit, but it had to have certain things in it. I am not one of those people who need to send my laundry out to be done, but I am also not the type who will lug my laundry baskets to a community laundry room either. I am not saying anything negative about them, as I have used them in the past when I was not doing as well in life as I am now. I knew I wanted to have a washer and dryer in the apartment, so that was my first thing.

I also like to spend time outdoors, but I like to do it in my own private space usually. I wanted to be able to sit on a balcony and just enjoy being outdoors without being crowded. So, a washer and a dryer along with a balcony were tops on my list, along with a large walk in closet. I admit that I love to shop, and I end up buying new clothes all the time. I wanted a closet big enough to handle a few splurge trips every month. I found all of that and much more here at Overton Rise, and I am definitely not settling by living here!